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Sabtu, 09 November 2013

children that parents should give them an allowance

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Many parents are not sure at what age to start teaching children to manage money. Do you have to pay for their household chores ? Do pay a method of rewards and punishments ? How much to give? What values ​​do we want to convey to children?

In Spain almost 40 % of children receive pay. It is common for parents to once a week or month some money for the children to buy their stuff. Some parents see it as a way to begin to educate children in this regard , others, however , consider it a way of promoting consumerism during childhood.

Children and pays : ages and amounts

About 7 or 8 years, children can count, add and subtract. I mean, you are able to manage money . That's when many parents introduce the first pay ( about two or three euros a week ) .

As the child grows , also begins to internalize more money-related concepts : necessity and whim , cheap and expensive, etc ... It is from age 13 when children begin to make more efficient use of money. And also, if parents do not educate , very irrational.

Dialogue between parents and children

The pay should be set as a dialogue and agreement between parents and children . It should always be clear what is the duty of parents to pay , and what of the children. It is commonly understood that the maintenance and home, comes the responsibility of parents, and whims (games, outings , concerts , etc ... ) in charge of children. Many times costs are shared fashion , mobile ... these cost-sharing should be discussed carefully with the family , not to create conflicts .

Many experts recommend not using the pay as a method of reward and punishment , as the responsibilities of the child at home, should not come given by a financial incentive . Although we do recommend award extra tasks make the child at home or at school . It is also advisable that parents insist children to save part of that pay.